Events & Activities

GMWEA presents an annual calendar of activities and events designed to improve the skills of water quality professionals, help educate the general public, communicate with the Vermont legislature, and build community among water, wastewater, and stormwater operators.

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  • Spring Meeting & Trainings: Presented in May, this annual event features nine technical training sessions, exhibits by corporate members, prominent keynote speakers, a delicious lunch, awards for distinguished service by water quality professionals, GMWEA board elections, and prize raffles.               
  • Legislative Luncheon: Scheduled for Wednesday, February 22 2017, this annual event brings together Vermont state legislators, state agency staff, and boots-on-the-ground operators.  Its goal is to allow state policy-makers to hear the perspectives of operators and to allow policy-makers to discuss their processes and upcoming decisions affecting the water-quality community.                                                                  
  • Water Quality Day: Initiated by GMWEA in 2014, this statewide event has been proclaimed by the governor as a day to honor the important role of the people who give us clean water to drink and protect the state's waters from waste pollutants.  GMWEA coordinates public and school visits to facilities throughout the state to increase public awareness of the miraculous infrastructure beneath their feet and the real people who make it work.  Take a tour or host one on Friday, May 19, 2017!                                                                                                 
  • George Dow Memorial Golf Tournament: A highly popular annual event, the tournament is an opportunity for operators, family, friends, and water technology service representatives to have fun, network, and win prizes.  
  • Fall Trade Show: The largest of GMWEA's conferences, this event features technical trainings, over 200 water technology and services exhibitors, guest speakers, lunch, and member action on organizational activities.                                                                                           
  • New in 2016: Vermont's first Poo & Brew! Co-hosted by GMWEA and NEWEA, this event brings together young operators from throughout the state to tour other municipalities' wastewater/stormwater facilities -- and to enjoy dinner and a sampling of beers produced by local artisinal breweries.  Initiated by NEWEA in Massachusetts in 2015 and hugely popular, Poo & Brew allows operators to network, make friends, and share their experiences and know-how.  Click the link above and scroll down for more.