August 20, 2017: GMWEA Co-sponsors Clean Water Week

Governor Phil Scott has proclaimed August 20 – 26

as Clean Water Week -- a time to celebrate Vermont’s

natural waters and the businesses, organizations, and

communities working to protect them. GMWEA and

dozens of other Vermont organizations will be offering

educational (and fun) experiences throughout the

state. Learn more at:

GMWEA is helping to coordinate several open houses

at water, wastewater, and stormwater facilities. Tours

are free, fun, and a great way to learn more about the 

importance of water quality management to Vermont’s

natural waters and way of life.

May 25, 2017: Spring Member Meeting & Technical Trainings


One of GMWEA's two major annual events, the Spring Member Meeting at Killington Grand Hotel was attended by approximately 170 members and vendors representing water quality products and services. The event included six technical trainings as well as a special, half-day, IACET-certified course on the growing importance of effective public relations for water quality municipal facilities. In addition to the trainings, the day also featured addresses by GMWEA president Rick Kenney and NEWEA executive director Ray Vermette; an excellent lunch; GMWEA's business/member meeting; GMWEA's annual awards ceremony; and a raffle.

During the GMWEA business meeting, attendees elected Steve Crosby for another term on the bosrd of directors, along with Michele Eisenstein, long-time GMWEA associate in many capacities, continuing education committee vice chair, and former board member. 

For more information on Spring Meeting activities, click here. For more information about 2016 service excellence awards, click here.​ 

Nov. 9, 2018: Over 400 Attend GMWEA's Fall Trade Show and Technical Training!

On November 9, hundreds of water/wastewater/stormwater operators, water quality technology and service providers, and DPW administrators from throughout New England converged on Burlington's Sheraton Conference Center for GMWEA's largest annual event. The day-long conference featured 100 displays by vendors, six technical training sessions, a delicious lunch, and GMWEA's traditional raffle.

GMWEA president Rick Kenney kicked off the lunchtime program with thanks to the attendees and an invitation to take an active role in the association. The association's executive director, Daniel Hecht, spoke about the challenges facing water quality professionals in times of changing budgets, technologies, and weather patterns, and echoed Rick Kenney in urging attendees to make use of GMWEA's collective expertise and support. NEWEA vice president Ray Vermette and NEWWA president Chris Hodgson provided news of their organizations' activities.

Many thanks are due to all who attended, our exhibitors, our intrepid photographer Charlie Taylor (see photos below), GMWEA assistant/VLCT liaison Lisa Goodell, and event sponsors Hoyle, Tanner & Associates. 

Save the dates! GMWEA will present its annual Spring Meeting and Trainings on May 8, 2018, at the Killington Grant Hotel; the next Tradeshow and Technical Trainings conference is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2018, at what will then be the new DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and Conference Center (formerly the Sheraton).

Nov. 8, 2018: No Brew, No Water Event Brings Together Young Water Quality Professionals

On November 8, GMWEA hosted a variant of last year's successful Vermont Poo & Brew, co-sponsored by NEWEA and NEWWA and modeled after NEWEA's highly-popular 2015 Poo & Brew. While previous events featured tours of wastewater facilities, this one brought a capacity group of 40 young professionals to Champlain Water District's Water Treatment Facility for a glimpse of the drinking water side of the field. Participants then went to Switchback Brewery, one of Vermont's premier artisinal beer-makers, for a tour of their plant and samples of their brews.

The yearly event -- whether focused on water or poo -- is intended to encourage young professionals in the field to meet, network, learn about each other's technologies and processes, and -- importantly -- have fun as they do their part to "support the Vermont microbrew industry." Be sure to check these pages in the coming months for information about the 2018 event!

For a complete list of Clean Water Week events – including water/wastwater plant  tours, water quality monitoring workshops, hydro plant tours, a rain garden tour, flood-resistance workshops, and much more – go to: