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One of GMWEA's priorities is to make sure its members stay informed of policies that affect their professions -- and that policy-makers understand the people, infrastructure, and practical logistics that allow our essential water, wastewater, and stormwater systems to function.  Year-round communications are part of this effort; GMWEA also presents an annual Legislative Meet & Greet, every January at the Statehouse, and frequently testifies on water quality policy issues at legislative committee meetings.

Legislative Outreach

Legislators' Meet and Greet

We hold this annual informational event at the Statehouse, outside the cafeteria. GMWEA board members and water facility operators come to shake hands, make introductions, put faces to policy-makers' names, and distribute GMWEA brochures and our Water Management Acronyms Guide.  Our senators and representatives, and the general public drink clean water and safely manage wastewater thanks to GMWEA members -- it's important that they learn more about the people and infrastructure providing this often-forgotten service!

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Meet & Greet at the Statehouse.